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Energate is one of the leading brands in the solar energy sector who offers top quality renewable energy products and services with its 10 years of production experience and reliable photovoltaic panels. Energate has recognized with high performance photovoltaic modules of international quality and also has been tested by international independent certification institutions as TUV Rhineland, SGS and UL in accordance with international standards which have IEC/UL 61215, IEC/UL 61730-1-2, IEC 61701 Salt corrosion, IEC 62804 PID FREE, Ammonia Test certificates. Energate is committed to providing the highest quality panels to its customers with fully automated production line. Panels are controlled with camera control systems at every stage.
Energate; which will guide the solar industry with its years of experience in the sector and strong brand partnerships, will have a total production capacity of 1.9 GW with its 900 MW production capacity factories to be established in the USA and a factory with 1 GW production capacity in Turkey.
Energate also plans to double his production capacity every year.



In our ideal world that we want to achieve, all people have
access to electricity, and it significantly contributes to meeting final energy needs for activities like communications, emissionfree transportation and mobility, efficient heating and cooling, and even the production of sustainable fuels, chemicals, and materials. Buildings will increasingly function as sites of energy generation rather than just energy consumption as solar PV is implemented. Solar PV has the potential to overtake all other energy sources in the globe due to the sun’s plentiful availability, the technology’s modularity, and ongoing cost and efficiency advancements.



To provide our customers clean and green energy with in the most convenient, reliable and cost-effective way.

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